What makes Cardoggo's NFTs?

Only one of each Cardoggo will ever be minted, and the Cardoggo's minting policy will not allow any Cardoggo's to be minted after a certain date passes. Once that date has passed, the number of Cardoggo's will be locked forever.

How much do Cardoggo's cost?

Cardoggo's cost 20 ADA too mint. When you checkout, to meet the minimum transaction size, we include an additional 1.5 ADA that will be sent back to you along with your NFT.

Cardoggo Royalties

the first account the mints each Cardoggo will recive lifetime royalties at 5% everytime that cardoggo is sold.

What is the minting policy?

The minting script is:


And the correspond Policy ID is: tbd

Can we trade Cardoggo's?

Yes! vist CNFT.IO.